“My headshot session with Tyler was a breeze from start to finish. Whilst researching photographers, I was drawn to Tyler’s unique ability to capture headshots that are both professional and full of character.

This is what I wanted to achieve in my own headshot session, and it’s exactly what I got. Tyler was super easy to communicate with and his friendly manner immediately put me at ease, allowing Tyler to capture my true personality.

I am more than thrilled with my headshots and would not hesitate to recommend Tyler to anyone looking to update their own portfolio.”

Bree Meara-Hendy

"If you're looking to get headshots, look no further than Tyler. His work is a true reflection of his passion and precision in getting every shot looking the best possible. 

Tyler never makes you feel rushed, has a way of making you feel very comfortable and gives great direction; all of the which are so important in getting you looking and feeling like the real you. 

Look at any of Tyler's photos and you'll notice how amazing, yet still so natural the eyes appear and this really makes your headshots come to life and stand out from the crowd.

I was blown away by how much fine tuning of the light goes into making them look perfect before he even takes the shot! 

Very professional, a real talent, and a pleasure to work with, the results are astounding."

Maddie Hall


julia dawson actress headshot

"Like many others, I had been searching for a headshot photographer for a long while but as soon as I saw the first few images on Tyler's website I knew that I had found the right person. 

I was really nervous in the days leading up to my session but as soon as he started shooting, all of those nerves disappeared. His enthusiasm and notable expertise made me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed every frame. 

A camera has the ability capture it's subjects soul, thoughts and feelings... so it's really important to feel confident and at ease and Tyler created an environment where I felt zero judgement, pressure or rush. He guided me through the entire process and produced some images that I am very happy with.

I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone, especially if they've never had headshots taken before. I guarantee that you'll enjoy the experience."

Julia Dawson

"Getting your headshot right is important but only possible after you find the best person to work with, look no further!! One of the easiest and most professional photographers you'll find, Tyler is passionate about his craft and so thorough from start to finish. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Billy Bentley


“Tyler photographed our team of 25 staff during a mid-year function in Brisbane. Unlike the traditional corporate photographs you see on most company websites, we asked Tyler to shoot our team in natural and fun poses that would show off everyone’s individual personalities. He made the team feel extremely comfortable throughout the shoot and from that came some fantastic photos. Thanks Tyler, you were wonderful to work with!”

Alexandra Osmond - Mexia Consulting


"It was great to finally find a photographer who's passion matches his expertise. Tyler Alberti is highly skilled, adventurous and charismatic when it comes to getting the right shot.  He works efficiently and effectively, and works really well with his clients.  The thing I like about working with Tyler is that he’s very resourceful and isn’t afraid get a little experimental. The head shots I received have become a big hit with my agent and other actors, asking who took the photos?  I have no problem recommending Tyler to my network; he’s definitely a photographer to look out for.  I know he’s got bright future ahead of him, sky’s the limit.  I have found my photographer. I looking forward to working with him on future projects."

Petar Zabic

"After weeks of searching for a photographer to do my actor headshots, a friend reccomended me to Tyler Alberti- And I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of my images and the service I received. I would highly reccomend him if you ever need a photoshoot done. He gives precise direction and has a great eye for photography, especially when it comes to actor's headshots. Plus he makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera with his down to earth approach, whilst still maintaining proffessionalism. The headshots I got done with Tyler are by far the best actor headshots I have received!"

Annikki Chand

"A great headshot is vital for any actor wanting to establish their career and take it to the next level. After much searching online for a headshot photographer and being exposed to countless posed, stale and generic headshots, I found Tyler Alberti. Not only does Tyler create truly beautiful images, but he also captures each individual's personality (which is exactly what any actor should be looking for).  I was blown away by his work and knew I wanted to work with him. During the shoot he was calm, friendly and such a delight; a true professional. After looking through the images, I couldn't be more impressed. Tyler Alberti is very talented and such a breath of fresh air. Anyone looking for headshots that are a cut above the rest, you need look no further than Tyler Alberti for headshot photography."

Tamara McLaughlin

"After rigorously searching for a Brisbane based headshot photographer, Tyler was an absolute stand out. His precision and focus paired with his ability to make you feel completely relaxed in front of the camera was a winning combination. He was fully open to suggestion and wasn’t afraid to take risks. The headshots Tyler took for me are by far the best I have received. I would absolutely recommend Tyler to anyone wanting fresh new shots that stand out from the crowd."

Alannah Keating



"Tyler is the best headshot photographer in Brisbane in my opinion. I recently engaged him to take some headshots of me for a corporate profile. I chose him because his headshot photos stood out from all the others I had seen in my quest to find a photographer.  It was obvious he has a creative flair and this is what appealed to me. Not only does he take the finest and unique photos but he is also professional, prompt, friendly, accommodating and value for money. Tyler made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera right from the start which enabled him to get the best photos that I have ever had taken of me. His post-production work is second-to-none and nothing is too much trouble for Tyler. I am thrilled with my photos and can highly recommend Tyler. I wouldn’t use anybody else for my photographic needs."

Vanessa O’Sullivan.

"I had done a Google search for Brisbane and Gold Coast based head shot photographers, and Tyler was one of the first names that came up. What really grabbed my attention was the attention to detail of the photographs, and the uniqueness of them. The photos really captured the emotion behind the eyes; something I thought was wonderfully aesthetic and really drew me in. They stood out from other headshots that seemed dull and expressionless. These photographs had life behind them – exactly what I was looking for. Working with Tyler was a great experience, especially being my first professional headshot shoot. He knew exactly what he was doing, and never second guessed. He knew what angles worked, and really captured my character in my head shots. He was very friendly and easy going, and explained things in a way that was ‘user friendly’. I’m so happy with the way the photos turned out, and will definitely be using him again for my next set of head shots, whenever that may be."

Avril Maas

Avril Maas 148.jpg

"Tyler has an extraordinarily professional, confident and efficient approach to what he does. His knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and skill was apparent to me from the second we began the shoot and this was affirmed once I saw the finished products. Having my headshots done by him was such a positive experience and I would definitely do it again and recommend him to others. He gave brilliant direction and artistic suggestions as well as incorporating some of my own. I was so impressed with the result and have never worked with anyone who can produce a collection of such high quality images in such a short space of time."

Asher Bowen-Saunders

"Working with Tyler during our headshot session was a greatly positive and valuable experience for me as an actor. He gave fantastic direction with impeccable attention to detail, and his kind and professional nature was comforting, really allowing my natural energy to translate through the images. Tyler's work is the perfect combination of professionalism, class and character. I couldn't be happier with my headshots."

Tahlia Jade

David Moore 094.jpg

"My experience with Tyler was unequivocally positive.  His manor and attention to detail demonstrated both a clear understanding of his craft and a commitment to achieving the look and feel that was important to me.  An obvious perfectionist, Tyler exceeded all expectations with image quality, post-shoot communication and speed of delivery of the finished product.  Would definitely engage Tyler’s services again and would not hesitate to recommend.”

Dr. David Moore

"Even though I'm a performer, I struggle in front of a camera. Tyler made me feel comfortable the entire time and I was shocked at how amazing the photos turned out. I highly recommend Tyler and his work. His ability to show your best side is second to none."

Emma Churchland

Emma Churchland 011.jpg


"I had a great experience with Tyler when he took my headshots.  I love the fact he shoots at interesting locations resulting in unique photos that stand out. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I loved my photos."

Rafaela Diaz-Byers

"As a performer, Tyler is a great photographer to work with. He makes an effort to understand you and your personality before and during the shoot to get the most charismatic shots that have clarity of purpose, whether it be casting headshots or publicity shots for a comedy or drama, and anything in between. He is efficient when working, easy to understand with direction, and prompt with delivery. 10/10."

Luke Constable



"I was anxious and excited to have my first head shots taken and this, being a new experience for me, I found to be a little nerve racking. My experience with Tyler proved be a warming and professional one and as the shoot progressed I found myself becoming more confident and relaxed. He was extremely informative and made this experience a fun and memorable one. I was beyond satisfied with the outcome of the photos and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for professional headshots."

Emily Georgiou

"As an experienced performer I have had many head shots over the years. None like my experience with Tyler. What impresses me about Tyler's work is his attention to detail with making sure your eye-line is right, lighting is right, no dark spots under your eyes or chin and jawline symmetrically correct to upper torso. I'm not the easiest person to please and have high expectations and i made this clear to Tyler at the start and he embraced the challenge, which resulted into a extraordinary photo shoot. I would recommend Tyler for any type of photography work you need."

Salvatore Merenda

Salvatore Merenda 049.jpg