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Angela Olyslager – Brisbane Actress Headshots

I've known Angela for a little while now, and when she needed some new headshots for 2017, I was more than happy to answer the call and help out with a diverse range of new headshots to get her 2017 off to a great start! 

For Angela's headshots and to show a wide range of looks, we ended up shooting both outdoors and in the studio to create a totally different look and feel for each shot, and ultimately this will give casting directors a better feel for Angela on screen.

Annikki Chand, Brisbane Based Actress

Annikki recently stepped in front of my camera to have some new headshots taken for her online acting profiles and prospective agents now that she is finishing up her acting course. 

We had a great time shooting these natural light headshots in West End at my favourite location and we really played around with some different types of images including some wider angled portraits to include more of the environment. 

Headshot Photography - About Retouching

I get asked a lot about the retouching of my headshots and I also get asked if people can have the RAW or unedited photos from a shoot. I wanted to write this little post to provide a little more information as to why I don't give out unedited images and what goes into making a unique Tyler Alberti headshot. 

First and for most consider this; Would an architect deliver unfinished house plans to a builder and say here you go, enjoy? Or would a graphic designer deliver artwork to a printer without any of the text/content? No, the same thing applies to photography, and my headshots have a unique look and feel to them that I am happy to put my name on. 

So take a look at my sample images below, on the left you can see my straight out of camera image or RAW file and on the right you can see my finished and retouched image that I would deliver to the client. I won't go into how I do my retouching but the image below was worked on in photoshop for about 15 minutes and every single image that my clients choose as part of their package will get this same retouching applied!

Asher Bowen-Saunders - Brisbane Model + Contemporary Dancer

I recently met Asher whilst assisting on a photo shoot for South Bank Corporation, and we got chatting about updating her headshots. Asher is a QUT graduate of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. Not only did Asher want some new headshots for extra and modelling work, she also wanted some images that showed her physique rather than your typical headshot. Here are some of her final images which turned out fantastic!

"Having my headshots done by him was such a positive experience and I would definitely do it again and recommend him to others. He gave brilliant direction and artistic suggestions as well as incorporating some of my own."

You can find out more about Asher at her Star Now profile here - Asher Bowen-Saunders | StarNow

Behind the scenes images by Fiona Nguyen

Tahlia Jade - Actress headshot photography

I recently photographed Brisbane based actress and model Tahlia Jade as she needed some fresh new headshots to put online. After talking with her and getting a sense of what she wanted, we decided to shoot Tahlia's headshot session at Roma Street Parklands, a great location that offers a variety of different looks, most suited for female headshots being a nice and natural location. Check out some of her images below and make sure you visit her profile online -

Star Now Profile - http://www.starnow.com.au/tahliajadeh

Behind the scenes images by Nick Bedford -