the trouble with templeton

You Are New - The Trouble With Templeton - Behind The Scenes

As some of you may not know, I also work with a lot of very creative and talented people, and recently I was invited to take the production stills for The Trouble With Templeton's new music video. 

The whole project was shot over one Saturday starting at 7am and finishing around 8pm, so it was a mammoth effort from the whole team, and much fun was had! Here is a gallery of some of my favourite shots from the day, there was simply too many photos from the day to post them all!

Some of the amazing people involved include -

Josh Calder - Director
Corey Donaldson - Producer
 Roy Kolberg - First A.D, Editor
 Rich Wang - Director of Photography
Greg Henderson - First A.C.
Will Edmunds - Second A.C.
Stephanie Liquorish - EPK Video
David Tilburey - Gaffer
Sam Chatterjee - Lighting Assistant
Andrew Purse - Lighting Assistant
Luke Stone - Key Grip
Rhys Forrer - Grip
Rhianna Malezer - Production Designer
Julie Mikeska - Key Makeup Artist

And a special mention to the star of the show Tom Calder from The Trouble With Templeton for giving 100% all day long and being an all round nice guy!