Brisbane Arcade – Made In Brisbane Campaign

Recently, a campaign was shot for The Brisbane Arcade to be featured in their annual publication about designers and creators right inside the famous arcade. The story featured several designers including Brad Webb from Darb Bridal and Robert White Jewellers as well as many more talented creatives. 

Sydney Headshot Photography - The University of Sydney

I love shooting headshots in Sydney, and recently I was in Sydney for the YouTube Fan Fest featuring some of the biggest international names on YouTube. One such person is Dr. Derek Muller from the hit YouTube science channel Veritasium

Whilst chatting with Derek, I soon discovered that he had never had a professional headshot or portrait taken before. So I organised a headshot session while we were both in Sydney to get him out of any future trouble!

This is Just a little teaser from our headshot session at The University of Sydney, and we managed to get some great new headshots all over the place. We eventually ended up in the School Of Physics in a teaching lab where I created some headshots that really summed up where Derek is professionally at the moment, tying together science and education to create a confident and energetic portrait!


Corporate Portraits + Headshots - Dr. David Moore

I recently received an email from a local obstetrician, Dr. David Moore as he needed to get some fresh and updated corporate headshots to use at his practice. David wasn't too keen on the whole clean and simple look shot inside a work environment and wanted something a little more fresh and urban for his corporate headshots. After chatting about different locations and styles for his headshot session, we settled on a favourite location of mine and came up with some magic for his new headshots, enjoy!

You can see David's website here -