natural headshots

Risa Pais – Brisbane Actress Headshots

Last year, I got to work with the lovley Risa Pais who won a competition that I ran with Star Now to help kick start her acting career. These are just some of the amazing images we created together! 

Alannah Keating, Brisbane Actress, headshot photography with a smile!

Today I want to introduce my latest super actress to step in front of my fancy image maker device - Alannah Keating. I met up with Alannah to shoot some new headshots in New Farm to give her a much needed update to her previous headshots. For Alannah's headshot session, we mixed natural afternoon light with a new lighting tool called the Westcott Ice Light which is basically a super fancy lightsaber looking LED light that you can use to give you beautiful and natural looking window light to anyone almost anywhere - the second and last photos below utilise the Westcott Ice Light and if you look closely you can see the unique catchlights in Alannah's eyes!


These are just some of the many combinations of shots and lighting techniques that I will utilise during one of my headshot photography sessions and Im always trying to new things to keep your new headshots looking fresh and ahead of the market!

Here are a few kind words that Alannah had to say about her shoot -

"His precision and focus paired with his ability to make you feel completely relaxed in front of the camera was a winning combination. He was fully open to suggestion and wasn’t afraid to take risks. The headshots Tyler took for me are by far the best I have received."

So what are you waiting for, give me a call, now is the time for you to update your professional image and start getting the jobs you want!

Corporate Portraits + Headshots - Dr. David Moore

I recently received an email from a local obstetrician, Dr. David Moore as he needed to get some fresh and updated corporate headshots to use at his practice. David wasn't too keen on the whole clean and simple look shot inside a work environment and wanted something a little more fresh and urban for his corporate headshots. After chatting about different locations and styles for his headshot session, we settled on a favourite location of mine and came up with some magic for his new headshots, enjoy!

You can see David's website here -

Headshot Photography - Ebony Nave, Actor

A little while ago, Ebony Nave, a talented actor from Brisbane managed to find her way in front of my camera for some new actor headshots. Ebony spoke to me about previous headshots she had done and how she wanted her new ones to simply be better! Better headshot photography is what I try to achieve for ALL my clients. Brisbane hasn't had many great photographers in the headshot photography genre of late, and I am aiming to change that, one actor at a time! So for now, please enjoy viewing Ebony's latest actor headshots, and don't forget to contact me here if you need your headshots updated!